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About Us

ThePianoExpert.com is a website and newsletter created by me, Andrea D. Vacchiano, to help all aspiring pianists in their goal to learn to play this wonderful instrument.

After having spent 15 years as both a professional pianist and piano teacher, I realised that it would be worth while for me to set up a website where I could impart the knowledge I have gained over the years to far more people than I ever could giving private lessons.

So, a few years ago I set up the first version of ThePianoExpert.com and offered advice and tips covering all aspects of playing the piano to anyone who was willing to take the time to learn.

However I soon realised that having all the information in one place, at one time could be a bit overwhelming to people who were just starting out, so I decided to set up a newsletter through which I could  provide my subscribers with the information they wanted over a period of time, making it easier to digest.

By signing up to my newsletter, you will receive regular emails containing quality content covering a range of topics, from getting to know the piano keys, understanding chords and scales, to advice on performing in front of an audience.

I also wrote a book, called ‘Let’s Play Piano – An introduction to the piano and how to play it’. It is aimed at complete beginners and guides you through the fundamentals of playing the piano.

All subscribers to my newsletter receive a free copy of this book in PDF format as a welcome gift.

So, if you are looking for some help with getting your piano playing off the ground I suggest you sign up for yourself. You’ll make a welcome addition to my growing list of subscribers, all of whom have benefitted from my knowledge and experience.

I look forward to helping you. Just click the link below to find out more, or enter you name and email address in the boxes at the top left of this page to sign up and get your free copy of ‘Let’s Play Piano’ right away.


CLICK HERE to sign up and get your free copy of Let’s Play Piano