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Get the Most From Your Online Piano Class

Get the Most From Your Online Piano Class

Online Piano ClassLeaning the piano can be an extremely rewarding process. You do however, have to get a few lessons, and basic technique under your belt to begin to realize those rewards. This takes time, perseverance, and self-discipline. If you choose to learn from an online piano class, you will find here a few ideas and hints to help you get the most out of it.

Most music classes are organized into a series of progressive lessons. The first few lessons will present you with quite a bit of technical and theoretical material to process. Identify from this material what it is that you really need to begin to practice. Once you have mastered the first few lessons, you should find that the pacing of the material will settle down a bit. By this time, you will also have some experience with the style and organization of the class, which should make subsequent lessons somewhat easier to digest.

Your online piano class will actually make up only a small part of the time you spend at the piano. Most of your time spent will be practicing your lessons. Some courses may have a practice schedule worked out for you. Follow their plan if you can. If the course doe not have a schedule worked out, try not to be in too much of a hurry in the beginning. Think of each lesson as a set of materials to be mastered over the course of a week.

Build a regular weekly practice routine that allows for some flexibility. You will probably need about four or five sessions per week of about fifteen minutes each. As you progress in your lessons, be prepared to review and update your schedule to ensure you get in those four or five sessions.

Track your progress with a practice journal, keeping it close to your piano books. In it, you can summarize each week’s lesson, the material you plan on practicing for the week, and any technical or theoretical problems that you may have had with the previous week’s lessons.

Probably the greatest disadvantage of any self-taught program regardless of the subject matter or the quality of its presentation, is the lack of feedback for the student. How do you know when you have suitably mastered a lesson so that you can move on? This is not an easy question to answer, but if you are studying music through an online piano class, you probably have one feedback tool available to you. It is on your computer and it will never tell a lie: the computer’s audio recording system.

Record yourself playing your lesson material once you think you have mastered it. Its playback will tell you how well you are doing. Be gentle on yourself but honest: tricky at best, but a worthwhile practice. You will also have an audio record of your progress through your program which you can review down the road. The development of your piano skills will happen incrementally over time – a lot of time. Having an audio record of your playing from six months ago can be inspirational in showing you how much you have actually improved.

Once you have a few lessons behind you, have developed a practice routine, and understand the course’s organization, begin to take advantage of the course’s online articles and forums. Your online piano class should offer some or possibly even several of these types of resources. They are a wealth of information, especially for the new musician. Online articles can introduce you to different aspects of playing that you may not have thought of before, familiarize your with the titles and composers of the standard repertoire for you to listen to, and address many of the challenges that you are probably facing in your own studies. Online resources like forums can also help you feel part of a larger musical community, which in itself can encourage you in your piano practice.

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