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Online Piano Courses

Online Piano Courses

Online Piano CoursesSelf study approaches to learning an instrument have been around for a long time. Traditionally, these approaches have been book orientated and supplemented with CD’s. Today, self-study programs are increasingly internet focused. For example, a quick internet search will reveal that you will find no shortage of online piano courses. They range in cost, presentation, and interactivity. You will find free ones, and you will find ones where you will be asked to pay a few hundred dollars for comprehensive courses that include DVDs, interactive software, and other support material. As you mine your way through all these different offerings, you will, however, find that they have some common features.

Online piano courses will have a particular form of media or methodology for presenting its core material. This material is then usually organized into a series of progressive lessons. For the less expensive courses, the lessons may simply be collated into an ebook with text, images and diagrams: an electronic version of the old-style method books. On the higher end of the spectrum, you will find professionally produced DVDs with a particular instructor leading you through the course’s various lessons and technical exercises. Variations on the DVD format include online videos or audio lessons with a similar presentation. Some courses may even be planned around a particular piece of interactive software or website. This software will lend its flavor and methodology of presentation to the course.

The first few lessons of an online course typically introduce the piano and its mechanical functions. You will also study some basic technical concepts such as hand position, and the notes of the keyboard itself. These initial lessons also serve to train you in the course’s method of presentation. Many courses will encourage you to start playing right away. You may even learn a simple song in the first lesson or two.

Online piano courses will supplement their core lesson material with other types of resources. These may include traditional or downloadable sheet music, technical exercises, music theory supplements, and general interest articles. Another common feature of online courses are offerings of mini-courses that focus on a particular style of playing, like jazz or blues. They may also focus on a particular technique, like creating your own piano arrangements from lead sheets. Each of these supplemental resources may also be packaged in many different formats. For popular styles, audio supplements may include play-along type recordings, which are invaluable in sorting out rhythm problems, never mind the pure fun of playing with a full band.

You can also expect to find a few free introductory lessons. They are designed to give you a sense of the style and pacing of the course before you commit hard cash. A few weeks trying different programs may also be a good way to get you started on the piano, as the courses will probably offer similar material in the beginning. Expect to have to at least register to get access to the free material.

Online piano courses will also take advantage of various types of social media. You will find facebook pages, twitter feeds, as well as the usual user forums, and product support. The actual usefulness of these types of resources can really fluctuate. Certainly a well established forum can be a quick source for answers to common questions and problems you may be having with a program. Some may even offer a live chat forum, where you can meet and talk with other students and perhaps even an instructor or two. Facebook and twitter feeds will include product announcements and course updates.

Taking the time to research and compare the offerings of the different online piano courses, should in itself, start you in the learning process. It will be a rewarding exercise that will give you confidence in your final choice.

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