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Online Piano Tuition: Choosing A Course That’s Right For You

Online Piano Tuition: Choosing A Course That’s Right For You

Online Piano TuitionOnline piano tuition can be a rewarding and gentle way to begin your piano studies. Intermediate players may also find this format of lessons useful for exploring a new genre of music or a particular technique. This article offers you some ideas to consider when choosing a particular online piano course.

Students have many reasons for choosing online piano tuition. Take the time to assess your own goals and expectations. Following are a series of common reasons to study piano online:

  • You may simply want to see what piano lessons are like before committing to private lessons.
  • Your budget may be limited and private lessons not be within your reach right now.
  • Perhaps you played as a child and now wish to brush up on your keyboard skills.
  • You may be a relatively accomplished player already and want to explore a different style. This is especially true for adult students that have had some sort of traditional training, and now want to play pop songs, or even learn how to improvise or play by ear.
  • You play another instrument and want to explore a new one.
  • You are a composer or song writer that realizes how important some basic keyboard skills are to your trade.

An important idea to keep in mind is that online piano tuition is a form of self-study, which requires discipline and self-motivation. Take the time to remember how well you have fared in other similar situations. If you are not particularly self-disciplined, that does not mean you shouldn’t take online piano lessons. Instead think of it as a method to gauge your expectations from your lessons. We all do not need to master everything that we try. In fact that can be exhausting. Its perfectly acceptable to pursue a hobby simply for its own sake and enjoyment. Online lessons allow for that.

If you are particularly self-motivated, you will also appreciate the self-directed style of online piano tuition. You will find that you can set you own learning pace, and can adjust that pace as your own needs dictate.

Now that you understand your goals and expectations, start to think about a budget. Self-study methods have a wide range of costs. Particular methods themselves may also have different types of materials available to you depending on your membership level.

At first blush, some courses could seem expensive. DVD and print based courses, for example, may cost a few hundred dollars. Before writing these options off, however, consider that a year’s worth of private lessons, an average of thirty-two half hour lessons, will cost you in the neighborhood of four to six hundred dollars. A couple hundred dollars for online lessons that you can revisit time and time again is fairly inexpensive by comparison.

You may have done some research and have found four or five suitable choices for online piano tuition. Before making a final decision, try out any free offerings they may have. This will give you a taste of the style and pacing of their lessons. You will also have the opportunity to see if the piano is a good fit for you.

If the course you are interested requires some type downloadable software, check and double check its system requirements to make sure your computer is up to the task. Audio and video intensive software are resource hogs. If your computer is a little on the slower side, or not the course’s preferred operating system, online piano tuition can be nothing more than a frustrating experience. The same can be said of highly interactive websites. See if a particular course recommends a specific browser, or try two or three of the major ones yourself to make sure you can use fully the course’s online resources.

You may wish to check to see what kind of product support your short list of online schools offer, as well any refund policy they may have. A quick email or phone call to their support team with a simple inquiry will give you a good quick impression of the quality of their customer service.

Good luck and happy playing!

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