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Do you want to learn piano?

Have you always wanted to learn the piano, but thought it would be too difficult? Do you think you just don’t have what it takes to learn? Have you tried to learn piano before but quit due to time restraints or just because you didn’t seem to be getting anywhere?


If you answered YES to any of these questions read on because I think I can help you….



Andrea D Vacchiano 

Hello, my name is Andrea D. Vacchiano. I’d like to welcome you to my website, ThePianoExpert.com and tell you how I can help you to play the piano like you’ve always dreamed of.


I have been a professional piano player and a piano teacher for 15 years, and during that time I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am now ready to pass on to you.


I know how difficult and frustrating it can be for beginner piano players to try and find the information they require. The internet is a wonderful thing – it is full of knowledge, but it can be very hard to find it – there is just so much to search through.


So I have decided to offer my help and advice, my knowledge and experience, to you for FREE in a regular newsletter, enabling you to start playing the piano RIGHT AWAY! By subscribing to my mailing list you will save yourself countless hours of futile web searching; time that could be better put into learning and practicing. Everything you need to know will be delivered directly to your email inbox.


My intention with this newsletter is to provide you with all the learning materials and knowledge you will need, in one place, without any effort on your part. I want to make your life as a piano student as easy as possible. I will guide you through your learning so you always stay on track, as well as save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would have spent on expensive lessons.


By signing up FOR FREE you will start benefiting from regular emails from me containing knowledge from my 15 years’ experience of playing and teaching. This way you will be able to learn the piano in your own time, at your own pace, whilst still being guided by a professional teacher.


I will be telling you about a huge variety of topics including:


•How to play piano WITHOUT reading music


•How to play different genres of music (including rock, blues, pop, jazz, and gospel)


•Understanding chords and scales


•Learning how to improvise


•Playing and performing, either on your own, or with other musicians


•What are the most useful products available to help you learn (including online courses and cool software)




And what’s more, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, if you subscribe today I will give you a copy of my brand new eBook ‘Let’s Play Piano’. I intend to start selling this for $19.99 very soon, but will be giving it away FREE to all new subscribers for the next day or two, as a special thank you.


 paperbackbookstanding small


This book was written with complete beginners in mind, as an introduction to the piano. In it you will learn:


•All about the piano and its history


•How the piano works


•Different types of piano


•About chords and scales


•Music notation and rhythm


•The basics of playing the piano


•And more!



This book is an ideal accompaniment to the information you’ll be receiving in my newsletters, and is an excellent first step on your journey to piano mastery.


So if you really want to learn the piano, but don’t want to waste time searching endlessly for what you need to know, do yourself a favour and enter your name and email in the form below. I will be only too happy to have you on board, and I look forward to helping you over the coming weeks and months.


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Andrea. D. Vacchiano

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I hate spam as much as you do. Your email address will NEVER be given away to any third parties. (note: I am an affiliate of the products and services recommended on this site and in my newsletter and recieve a small commission from any sales made from my links. Please be assured that this will not affect the prices that you pay for these products, and that I only recommend products that I have used and tested for myself, and that offer excellent value for money)